Auto Loans

We offer loans for vehicles that are registered in Hawaii or Nevada. Whether new or used, your car or truck is an important means of independence (not to mention a trusty friend). At Hawaii National Guard Credit Union, we do everything we can to get you into the vehicle of your choice as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

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New Auto Loans

We work with various dealers and brands in Hawaii and Las Vegas, continually verified by a national credit union service called Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL). This lending service is provided through our partnership with Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union.

Find a CUDL-Authorized Dealer or browse their inventory today.

Used Auto Loan

At Hawaii National Guard CU we also offer loans on used vehicles provided through our partnership with Aloha Pacific. During the loan process, we can verify if there are issues with the vehicle’s registration that may prevent you from transferring ownership, as well as provide you with an estimated Kelly Blue Book value.

Upon disbursement of funds, we’ll require a copy of your insurance policy (not just the insurance card) listing Aloha Pacific FCU as the loss payee, with deductibles not to exceed $500.

Refinanced Auto Loan

Moving your loan from another lending institution is simple:

  • Provide the vehicle registration.
  • Contact the current lender to transfer the loan.
  • Provide a copy of your auto insurance policy. (We require a deductible not to exceed $500 and that we are listed as the loss payee.)

Ready to get your new set of wheels?

  • Complete an application at a Hawaii National Guard Credit Union or Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union branch, or online by clicking the Apply Now link below.
  • Find a Dealer and authorize them to send your application directly to Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union.

Count on Hawaii National Guard CU to set you up with a new car loan with a fixed rate and term that best fits your needs, with no pre-payment penalty.

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Loans are offered for vehicles that are registered in Hawaii or Nevada.