Savings, Checking & Debit Cards

What number do I call after business hours to report lost or stolen cards?

Member Service, Inquiry & Lost/Stolen ATM card or VISA® Debit card:
Open weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Hawaii, (808) 531-3711 | U.S. toll free, 1-877-531-3711

Lost or Stolen VISA® Debit card (24 hours):
Toll free, 1-800-528-2273  or 1-866-664-9364

Lost or Stolen VISA® credit card (24 hours):

Is Hawaii National Guard Credit Union a full-service financial institution?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union offers savings, checking and certificate accounts, mortgages and a variety of loan products to meet your needs. The credit union also provides many other useful services. Please explore our website or call us for more information.

What types of savings bonds can the credit union cash?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union does not negotiate savings bonds at this time.

How much cash can I withdraw from my account at a branch?

Generally you may withdraw up to your available balance. If you intend to withdraw a large amount, please contact us in advance so that we may plan accordingly to assist you.

When does the Christmas Club balance transfer to my checking or savings account?

With the May 1, 2017, partnership with Aloha Pacific FCU, the name of the Christmas Club account will change to Holiday Savings account.

Funds from your current Christmas Club account will be automatically deposited into your savings account on November 1, 2017.

You may renew your Holiday Savings account by making a deposit within the enrollment period, October 1 to January 31. The funds from your new or renewed Holiday Savings account will be automatically deposited to your savings or checking account on the following October 1 (example: renew the account any time from October 1, 2017, to January 31, 2018; funds to be deposited into your savings or checking account on October 1, 2018). 

Please find more details on our Holiday Savings page.

What is the difference between an ATM card and a debit card?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union ATM cards are PIN based and are used primarily for ATM transactions (withdrawals and deposits).

Debit cards (check cards) offer ATM transaction capability as well as point-of-sale transactions (purchases at merchants that accept VISA cards). When processing a debit card purchase, you may either use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or signature.

Can I obtain a Debit Card for my savings account?

Debit cards are issued to members who have both savings and checking accounts. Contact us regarding age restrictions.

My Debit Card is not working

Please visit any of our branch locations or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for assistance.

How do I apply for a Debit Card?

To apply for a debit (check) card, visit any of our branches or contact us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for more information.

Can I add Joint Owner information on a Verification of Deposit (VOD)?

Yes, the Verification of Deposit includes all owners on the account.

Can you include the Dividend Rate on a Verification of Deposit (VOD)?

Verification of Deposit (VOD) includes the member's name, account type and current balance. Dividend rates are subject to change.

What is the turnaround time for Verification of Deposits (VODs)?

You may visit any of our branches and request a Verification of Deposit form. Our member service representatives will generally complete the Verification of Deposit form as you wait.

Can you add my address to a Verification of Deposit (VOD)?

Upon your request, we will include your address on the Account Verification form.

If other members transfer money to my account, or if I transfer money to another members account, can they see my balance?

Members can transfer money to another member's Hawaii National Guard CU account or Aloha Pacific FCU account through Online Banking. Click HERE to find out how.

Also, if you provide us with the name and account number of another member, we may transfer funds upon request and in person.

We do not transfer funds to another member's account over the phone.

If we process the transfer, the receiving member is not provided a receipt. You, as the requester, will receive a receipt for the transfer transaction; however, the balance of the receiving member's account is not displayed on your receipt.

I have a check payable to my daughter. Can I deposit the check into my account?

Generally, checks must be deposited to the account of the payee. If your child is a minor, please bring their birth certificate and Social Security card along with the check to any of our branches. The manager will make the determination if we are able to negotiate the check for you.

How long does a foreign check take to be credited to my account?

Foreign checks are credited to members' accounts upon receiving the funds. This may take up to 30 days.

Can I open a Checking Account for my child?

Minors (under age 18) require a parent or legal guardian as joint member on the account. All programs require membership ($5 in a savings account).

How do I order a new ATM or VISA® Debit card?

You may order a new ATM or VISA® Debit card by visiting any branch location or calling us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

How long does it take to receive a replacement ATM/Debit card? Replacement card(s) and PIN(s) will arrive within 7 to 10 business days. New PIN(s) arrive approximately 1-4 days after the card(s).

How do I order/reorder checks online?

You may order checks through Online Banking by logging into your account from our homepage at From there, navigate to the Reorder Checks link listed under Additional Services from the main navigation menu.

Or, you can order checks by accessing the re-ordering website.

What is the cost of ordering checks for my checking account?

You may order one box of checks per year at no cost. Additional check order costs depend on the style/design of the checks.

Why am I unable to order checks online?

If your last check order was more than 12 months ago, the check vendor will direct you to your financial institution. This is a safety precaution to protect our members from possible fraudulent activity on their accounts.

I have not received my check order. What should I do?

Please visit any of our conveniently located branches or contact us for assistance at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

How much does it cost to replace a lost VISA® Debit or Credit card?

Please contact us or visit our website for the current schedule of fees.

Is there a charge for a member if they need a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) ordered for a card? There is no charge to you for changing of the PIN for your ATM or VISA® Debit card. 

What is my member number?

For security reasons, confidential information such as member numbers are usually condensed on documents we generate. If you are positively identified and pass the Multi-Factor authentication process, your member number may be provided.

Can my relative join the credit union?

To become a Hawaii National Guard CU member, you must be a Hawaii National Guard or state Department of Defense soldier, employee, retiree or family member and maintain $5 in your savings account

Please see our Membership page for additional information.

Why is my account balance and available balance different?

Your current balance is the amount of funds in your account, but the lesser available balance represents transactions that are pending.

Why does my deposit not appear in my account? Please contact us to provide us with additional information.

What information do you need if my relative wants to join the credit union? Do I need to come in with him/her? What proof do you need that he/she is related to me?

Membership is open to immediate family members of our members. Family members should be prepared to provide the name of their relative and need not provide proof of relationship. As the member of our credit union, you are not required to accompany your relative to the credit union.

What type of identification is required when applying for membership with the credit union?

Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

As such, when you open an account, we will ask for this information:

  • Your name
  • Street address
  • Date of birth
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • A valid ID

Acceptable valid identifications are:

  • Driver's license
  • State identification
  • Military identification
  • Passport

Your identification must contain a photo and:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Resident street address
  • Place of issuance
  • Identification number
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date

Who can join Hawaii National Guard Credit Union?

To become a member, you must belong to one of the groups (or common bonds) and maintain $5 in your savings account. Please click on the Membership page for eligibility or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

What are the dividend rates?

Current rates are posted on Rates page.

You can also type in Rates in the Search function. Or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

When are dividends paid to member's accounts?

Dividends are calculated on an average daily balance, compounded monthly and credited to member's account(s) at the end of each month.

Are there fees for using ATM machines at your credit union?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union members have free, unlimited access to all Aloha Pacific ATMs, located at each APFCU branch and at other locations on Oahu.

In addition, members have surcharge-free access to First Hawaii Bank, American Savings Bank and Hawaii National Bank ATMs in Hawaii and over 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs in Hawaii and U.S. mainland.

Please note that five (5) non-APFCU ATM withdrawal fees are waived per month; after the fifth non-APFCU ATM withdrawal per month, there is a $1 fee per transaction.

Can I make a deposit to an ATM that is NOT the credit union ATM? Does it matter if it is a check or cash deposit?

Check deposits may be transacted at many of Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union's ATMs. Our ATMs do not accept cash deposits. Please visit any of our branches to conduct cash transactions.

Where are your ATMs located?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union members have free, unlimited access to Aloha Pacific FCU ATMs, located at each APFCU branch and several locations on Oahu.

Please search our Locations page for more information.

I have 2 separate checking accounts. Can I use Bill Payment Service with both checking accounts?

Members are provided unlimited bill payment transactions per month per account at no charge.

How long does it take a payment to get to a company through Bill Payment?

Your payments generally will arrive within 3 to 5 business days.

Does the credit union offer free Bill Payment?

This state-of-the-art system makes paying bills fast and convenient. Using our Bill Payment Service, members can make unlimited payments per month for FREE.

You must have a Hawaii National Guard Credit Union checking account and have enrolled in Online Banking to utilize the Service.

Click on Online Banking & Bill Payment for more details. Or visit any of our branch locations or call us for assistance.

How many accounts can I open?

Members may open up to 10 accounts with different account numbers and different ownerships. Each account must maintain $5 in the savings account.

Can I open an account online?

You may visit any of our branch locations to open your account, or you may complete the Member Application form located in our Membership tab before visiting a branch.

How does overdraft protection from my savings account to my checking account work?

When you specify overdraft protection from savings account, we will automatically transfer funds from the available balance in your savings to the checking account in the event your checking account balance is not sufficient to cover an item presented for payment.

Transfers from the savings account are made in the amount that is needed to cover the insufficient transaction amount and are subject to Regulation D, which limits the number of unsigned transfers to six (6) per month. There is a fee for the transfer.

How does an overdraft line of credit work?

Overdraft line of credit is a loan product that's attached to your checking account. A credit limit is established and funds are advanced to cover any shortages in your checking account, up to the specified limit.

When your overdraft line of credit covers a Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) item, you could avoid NSF fees, and any returned check fees that may be imposed by the merchant.

When you write checks and you do not have the available funds there will be an automatic transfer/advance from your available funds in your Overdraft Line to your checking account, in increments of $100, to cover the item(s).

What is Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Regulation E) covers one-time debit card transactions when your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the debit(s).

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union offers Overdraft Privilege, a non-contractual courtesy that is available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use.

How do I sign up for an Overdraft Line of Credit?

A credit application and approval is required for an overdraft line of credit account. You can apply online by visiting our Personal Loans page, or stop by one of our convenient branch locations.

Are there any fees associated with the overdraft line of credit account?

There are no annual fees and no pre-payment penalties. Late payment fees do apply.

How do I add/remove a Beneficiary and/or Joint Owner on my account?

Please visit any of our branch locations for assistance or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for more information.

Do I have to close my account if I move out of state?

Once you join Hawaii National Guard Credit Union, you may remain a member for life, even if you move or change jobs. Search our Locations page for Shared Branches where you may process transactions.

How do I change my name on my VISA® Debit Card and/or Credit Card?

Please visit any of our branch locations or call 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for assistance.

What type of identification is required for minors?

Minors between the ages of 0 - 4 must provide a Social Security card for identification. Minors between the ages of 5 - 17, must provide a government issued identification (i.e. state identification, driver's license, passport, military identification). Parents or legal guardians of the minor must provide the birth certificate and if applicable, guardianship documents for the child.

What rates and terms do you offer on Certificates?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union offers flexible term Certificate Accounts and competitive dividend rates to meet our members' needs. Our Rates are listed on the website, or you can visit any of our conveniently located branches for additional information.

I have questions regarding Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Who can I call?

You may visit any of our branches or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for assistance with your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) questions.

How do I transfer funds from my credit union account to another financial institution via Internet Account Access?

We do not have the option to transfer funds from your Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union account to an account at another financial institution. Please visit any of our branches or contact us for Bill Payment options that may meet your needs.

What is the fee for depositing a foreign check?

Please refer to the Personal Fee Schedule on the Rates page or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

How much does it cost for a check/draft stop payment?

Our fees are subject to change, so please contact us or visit the Personal Fee Schedule on the Rates page.

What are the overdraft fees?

Please contact us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for assistance.

I received a text message on my phone claiming to be from the credit union indicating my account is frozen and directing me to call a number to reactivate my account. Is this a legitimate message?

Please do not respond to this text message. Contact us by visiting any of our branch locations or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906.

Are there any service fees for using telephone banking?

This is a free service. Please visit our Services page for current information regarding Telephone Banking (KalaTalk).

What is my PIN Number?

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is dependent on the type of service. Please visit any of our branches or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for assistance.

How many fees can I be assessed?

For personal accounts, visit the Personal Fee Schedule on the Rates page of our Banking section.

For business accounts, visit the Business Fee Schedule area on the Rates page of our Business section.

How do I access my account online?

To access your account online, you must enroll in Online Banking. Visit our Online Banking & Bill Payment page for details. Or call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906 for additional assistance.

What is the cost for producing check copies and account statements?

If you currently are enrolled in online banking for your account(s), you are able to obtain and print your account statements and checks from your home computer. Your statements and checks are available on a rolling 12-month period. If you do not have online banking, please contact us or visit our website for the current schedule of fees.

Do I receive statements providing me with my miles, points or rewards for using my VISA Credit or Debit Card?

You may track your points earned by visiting the website at

If I want my child (under age) to use my VISA® Credit or Debit card, do I need a separate card or account for him/her? Can I just let him/her use my card? Should I order an extra card in my name for my child to use?

A member under the age of 18 is not eligible to have a VISA credit or debit card.

Can I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my ATM or Debit card?

You may create a personalized PIN for your ATM card by visiting any of our conveniently located branches or Aloha Pacific ATM.

Can I select my own Personal Identification Number (PIN) on my VISA® ATM or Debit cards?

You can select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your ATM card with no charge. Visit any branch or Aloha Pacific ATM.

Will I receive a tax statement? (i.e. 1099-INT, 1098, etc.)

Did you receive more than $10 in dividends for your account(s) or paid $600 or more of interest on a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

To check the YTD (Year To Date) Dividends you received or the total mortgage interest you paid, please refer to your December account statement.

If you enrolled for Online eStatements before December 15, a copy of your electronic tax statements will be available to print/download through Online Banking. Otherwise, a copy of your tax statement(s) will be delivered to you if you receive printed statements by mail.


  • If you maintain multiple account numbers, you receive a 1099-INT for each account that earned more than $10 in dividends.
  • You will not receive a 1099-INT tax statement if the dividends you received on an account was $10 or less.
  • You will not receive a 1098 tax statement if you paid less than $600 of interest on a HELOC.
  • If you obtained a mortgage loan through APFCU, your mortgage is being serviced by CUSO of Hawaii Services. For more information and assistance, visit the CUSO of Hawaii Services website or call 808-539-0172 (U.S. toll free, 1-800-708-2876).
  • You can log into Online Banking by going to and enter your login credentials in the Sign In box. Click on 'Online eStatements' to download and print your tax statement(s).
  • If you closed your Aloha Pacific account or paid off your HELOC before December 31, please refer to the last statement you received.