Branches & ATMs

How much cash can I withdraw from my account at a branch?

Generally you may withdraw up to your available balance. If you intend to withdraw a large amount, please contact us in advance so that we may plan accordingly to assist you.

Can I use one of the shared branches to process transactions?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union participates in shared branching with a number of Hawaii credit unions. To find a shared branch near you, use the search function in our Locations tab.

What is the difference between an ATM card and a debit card?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union ATM cards are PIN based and are used primarily for ATM transactions (withdrawals and deposits).

Debit cards (check cards) offer ATM transaction capability as well as point-of-sale transactions (purchases at merchants that accept VISA cards). When processing a debit card purchase, you may either use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or signature.

Are there private rooms where I can access my safe deposit box?

Your safety and confidentiality are a priority to us. Two Aloha Pacific FCU branches provide Safe Deposit Box rentals with safe and secure private areas for our members to access their safe deposit box.

What are your hours for accessing my Safe Deposit Box?

Safe Deposit Boxes are located at Aloha Pacifici FCU's Kapolei branch (1001 Kamokila Boulevard) and Main branch (832 South Hotel Street). Please search the Locations tab on our website for more details and branch hours.

Are your branches open on Saturdays?

Several Aloha Pacific FCU community-style branches that are open to service our members on Saturdays and select holidays. Please search our Locations page for business hours.

Where are you located and what are your branch hours? In addition to the two Hawaii National Guard CU branches, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union has seven conveniently located branches on Oahu and one in Henderson, Las Vegas. Please search our Locations page for more information.

You can also use the Aloha Pacific FCU mobile app to find a location nearest you.

What size Safe Deposit Boxes do you offer?

Aloha Pacific FCU offers Safe Deposit Box rentals at two branches. Box sizes vary. Please call us at (808) 531-3711 or (877) 531-3711 for more information.

Do you have coin machines?

Yes, Coin Bank service is available at these Aloha Pacific FCU branches:

  • Downtown (Fort Street)
  • Kailua
  • Kaimuki
  • Main Branch
  • Waikele
  • Waimalu
  • Las Vegas (Henderson)

For non-members, there is a 5% service fee to use our Coin Bank service.

Can I get or exchange foreign currency through the credit union?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union and Aloha Pacific FCU currently do not provide or exchange foreign currency.

What is Hawaii National Guard Credit Union's mailing address?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union
832 South Hotel Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Is there a shredding machine for member use?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union is not equipped with shredding machines.

Does the credit union sell postage stamps?

No, the credit union does not sell postage stamps at this time.

Why do I get the Member Support Department when I call?

To better service members in the branch as well as members who are requesting assistance through the telephone, calls are routed through Aloha Pacific FCU's Member Support Department. In the event you need to speak with a specific employee, the Member Support representative will forward your call to the appropriate person.

Are there fees for using ATM machines at your credit union?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union members have free, unlimited access to all Aloha Pacific ATMs, located at each APFCU branch and at other locations on Oahu.

In addition, members have surcharge-free access to First Hawaii Bank, American Savings Bank and Hawaii National Bank ATMs in Hawaii and over 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs in Hawaii and U.S. mainland.

Please note that five (5) non-APFCU ATM withdrawal fees are waived per month; after the fifth non-APFCU ATM withdrawal per month, there is a $1 fee per transaction.

Can I make a deposit to an ATM that is NOT the credit union ATM? Does it matter if it is a check or cash deposit?

Check deposits may be transacted at many of Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union's ATMs. Our ATMs do not accept cash deposits. Please visit any of our branches to conduct cash transactions.

Where are your ATMs located?

Hawaii National Guard Credit Union members have free, unlimited access to Aloha Pacific FCU ATMs, located at each APFCU branch and several locations on Oahu.

Please search our Locations page for more information.

Do you offer notary service?

Notary services are available at the Diamond Head branch of Hawaii National Guard CU and at all Aloha Pacific FCU branch locations.

Please call us at 808-737-5714 or 1-877-218-6906; or APFCU at 808-531-3711 or 1-877-531-3711 toll free) to confirm the availability of a notary. Notary service is provided to members and nonmembers. Please contact us for additional information.

Can I use VISA® Credit card at an ATM?

You may obtain cash advances from any ATM that bears the logo of VISA®.