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Do you have questions or comments? Please send us the details and we will do our best to find the answers. Your feedback will help us improve our products and services. 

Letters and other correspondence for the Supervisory Committee should be mailed to: Supervisory Committee, Aloha Pacific FCU, P.O. Box 1377, Aiea Hawaii 96701.

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Hawaii National Guard Credit Union:

Hawaii, (808) 737-5714 | U.S. Toll free, 1-877-218-6906

Call Center:

Live Representative (business hours):
Aloha Pacific FCU Member Support: Hawaii, (808) 531-3711  |  U.S. Toll free, 1-877-531-3711

KalaTalk (24-hour automated):
Hawaii, 808-847-5522  |  U.S. Toll free, 1-877-847-5522

VISA® credit card service (24 hours):
Toll free, 1-727-570-4881

Lost or Stolen Cards:

Member Service, Inquiry & Lost/Stolen ATM card or VISA® Debit card:
Open weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Hawaii, (808) 531-3711  |  U.S. Toll free, 1-877-531-3711

Lost or Stolen VISA® Debit card (24 hours):
Calling within the U.S.: Toll free, 1-800-528-2273 or 1-866-664-9364

Calling from outside the U.S.:
1-812-647-9794 (this number accepts incoming collect calls)

Lost or Stolen VISA® credit card (24 hours):
U.S. Toll Free, 1-800-442-4757

Debit Card Dispute/Claim:

Dispute/Claim VISA® Debit card (24 hours)
Hawaii, (808) 531-3711  |  U.S. Toll free, 1-877-531-3711